As I still keep the time setting in my laptop as Vietnam’s time zone, WordPress states it’s already 9th of January. But well, here in Heidelberg, it’s only 9 p.m in a supposed-to-be-cold-but-turn-out-super-warm Wednesday night. And of course, as usually, the Wednesday nightmare has come back when the holiday just said good bye.

Recently, I notice that there are people visiting the blog and leaving star/rating or whatever in my several posts. Admittedly, I do not like it. It makes me feel like I am writing an essay so people can read and give me some score. Anw , bcoz I set it as public, it’s unavoidable. Readers havae all their rights! But if anyone read this post and want to show some consideration, I’d love to say that I prefer a comment much better than a 5-star rating 😉

Actually I do not have much to say today, it’s just a warm up step before I continue writing this damn paper, and well, to complain a little bit 😛  I just have a very nice nap with a sweet dream so I’m pretty ready to stay up the whole night (with a huge full-of-sugar waffle as companion!)

Thank you, my dear 811 followers (including 119 wordpress bloggers), to be patient enough to read my nonsense stories about my trivial daily life. I will come back soon with more travel posts, more photos, something that you can enjoy, instead of those tedious moaning.

A recent silly doodle in my academic writing paper’s draft. I am sure to have a whole collection soon!


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